About Us

One of the top apps or websites for consumer technology, BTS aims to improve people’s understanding and usage of technology.

At Brain Technology Solutions we provide the tech guide, and most recent tech news available via our website and mobile application, assist our audience in making smarter decisions through our in-depth evaluations, and create high-quality videos on the tech that is most important to the average consumer.

By enabling them to use their devices more effectively, we aim to positively impact the lives of every tech consumer.

Founded in 2018 (under the name Tecnica), with the mission of assisting users in making the most effective use of technology, the company has now evolved into a responsibility. Read our feature on YourStory to see how we went from having nothing to becoming a well-known (and ethical) technology publication.

According to current statistics, BTS  serves more than 10 million users per month across all of our platforms and is expanding quickly. Technology end users, enthusiasts, early adopters, and influencers make up our audience.

Our Goal

Our goal in creating this online resource is to support people who have typical problems with their computers, smartphones, peripherals, and other tech-related issues. When it comes to purchasing software, trying out new hardware, or troubleshooting an Operating System error, we want to help our audience make informed decisions.

Our Philosophy

Design, in our view, is more than simply a pretty face; it’s a tool for problem-solving. An organization can gain new insights and competitive advantages thanks to a well-executed design. As a long-standing design firm, we’ve picked up a few design lingos along the way. Our design skills are not tied to any certain medium.

This allows us to constantly adapt to emerging technological trends and assess the potential of emerging technologies from a vantage point of design. Our product line caters to businesses of all sizes who want to make a visual impact. Whether they are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), expanding public utilities (EPUs), startups, or new entrepreneurs, we have cheap solutions that meet their specific needs. Minimalist modernism is relied on, together with well-considered design concepts and adaptable design systems.