CHILLIN’ & GRILLIN’ Winner is chosen

Chillin’ and Grillin’ Challenge 2023 Chillin’ and Grillin’ Challenge 2023

Passage FOR THE Challenge IS Finished. THE Victor IS RENEE WEST OF DOVER!

Get grillin’ with a pristine Roast sear fuel barbecue from Holmes Timber and a $250 reward endorsements from Sugar Valley Meats. Chill with a 2-night cabin keep at Wooden’s Tall Lumber Resort. Get delight from a 4-bunch of passes to a Cleveland Gatekeepers sport civility of WJER Radio and revel in passes to a present on the Performing Expressions Center at Kent State Tuscarawas. Get in structure with a one-year family participation to the Tuscarawas District YMCA. Make an exceptional finished yard with a $500 reward endorsements from Stutzman’s Nursery and Arranging and your new Stihl BG-86 leaf blower from Proficient Center Energy Stuff. Then, at that point, chill inside with a shiny new Delta spigot or showerhead from Plan by Julie and outside with a rising coffee set from Camp the Yard.

WJER RADIO WILL LEAVE ONE Fortunate Victor “CHILLIN’ AND GRILLIN'” THIS Mid year! Yet, BEFORE YOU WIN THIS Extreme Award Bundle, THERE ARE A Couple of THINGS YOU Ought to Be aware. YOU Should BE 21 OR More established AND Dwell Inside THIRTY MILES OF WJER RADIO TO WIN. PRIZES ARE NON-Adaptable, Can’t BE Subbed AND HAVE NO Money Worth. Extra MATERIALS ARE THE Monetary Obligation OF THE Champ. EACH PRIZE IS Politeness OF A Particular Support AND Inquiries Regarding THAT PRIZE Ought to BE Coordinated TO THAT Support. YOU Might Enlist Just a single TIME For each Individual. Extra Sections WILL BE Disposed of. REGISTER AT WJER RADIO OR SEND A POSTCARD WITH YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, AND Telephone NUMBER TO WJER RADIO … 646 Street, DOVER OHIO 44622 OR SEND YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND Telephone NUMBER Through EMAIL TO WJER-AT-WJER-Website. ALL MAIL AND EMAIL Passages Should BE Gotten BY SUNDAY, JULY 10th. BY Participate in THE Challenge, YOU Consent TO Permit YOUR NAME, VOICE AND Similarity TO BE Involved FOR Special PURPOSES. Representatives OF WJER AND It ARE NOT Qualified to Take an interest Backers. Champ WILL BE Chosen BY Irregular DRAWING FROM ALL Passing Passages Got AND WE’LL Declare THAT Victor ON MONDAY, JULY SEVENTEENTH. Limitations Might APPLY. Track down THESE Guidelines AND A Rundown OF PRIZES AT WJER-Website. GET CHILLIN’ AND GRILLIN’ FROM THE STATION WITH THE Perpetual Rundown OF Victors… WJER!

Victor ought to be 21 or more established. You could enlist one time for every individual . Additional sections will be disposed of. Register by sending a postcard to WJER Radio, 646 Street, Dover, Goodness 44622, face to face at WJER (Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm) or email your entrance to All mail and email sections ought to be gotten by Sunday, July 10th. By getting into this challenge, you consent to allow your recognize, voice, and resemblance for use for special capabilities. Staff of WJER and it are generally not qualified to team up supports. Champ ought to dwell inside a 30-mile range of WJER Radio. Prizes are nontransferable, can’t be subbed, and have no cash worth. Each prize is civility of a chose working together support. Inquiries on that prize should be coordinated to that support. Additional provisions are the financial obligation of the champ. Rules, patrons, and prizes are recorded on-line at and at working together places. Victor is picked by irregular drawing from all passing passages got. Champ will be presented on Monday, July seventeenth, 2023. Limitations could apply.

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